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When people find out we have Smashburgers they ask a couple of questions. "Are they any good? What's a Smashburger? And why did you decide to do burgers at a donut shop? Answer to the first question is "You Bet Ya". Our Smashburgers are all made fresh to order, we use all fresh never frozen ingredients. 

Simplist answer to the second is when you ball your meat up and smash it on a hot grill. More scientific answer is creating smashing the meat on a hot surface so that the maillard reaction occurs. Allowin gthe amino acids and sugars withing to react changing the burgers flavor and color. Smashburgers should be full of flavor, greasy with lacy edges...mmmm just the way we like them. 

And now why did we decide to do them at a donut shop? Well we hadn't set out on this venture on purpose but it works for us and is a growing trend in the donut industry. When it started we received a delivery of over 30 lbs of ground beef instead of bacon. We didn't want to waste the meat so we created a weekend special. Little did we know that our customers would fall in love with them and thus a Smashburger menu was created. We started with a menu of burgers from our specials and have evolved it into our beloved Create your Own Menu giving you control over your perfect burger. 

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