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Carolina Reaper Maple Bacon

Here are Bakerzdozen we love to try new things. Things that make sense and things that make you ask 'WHY'. When you come in there's a good chance you'll here us laughing in the back at one of our ideas and saying we should start a blog to tell of our crazy ideas.

Today we remembered we made some Carolina Reaper BBQ sauce. As the sauce has set it has grown in intensity. Roy decided to give it a try and a loud Gasp came out as he ran for water. Austin decided he could handle it, grabbed some bacon and took a big dollop and shoveled it in. His eyes began to water and he quickly walked away trying not to cough in front of anyone. Roy went in for seconds, if Austin could handle that much surely he could too. Both of them coughing, eyes watering and faces res should have told us to stop but from there we invented something special.

Beckie (who is not a fan of heat) takes some bacon and says I wonder what it would be like with Maple. She spreads the maple on a strip of bacon, adds the hot sauce and eats it down no problem. Then says what if we do a bacon maple bar with this sauce. Well this was not the best idea, you see to cover the bar and have the sauce shine through you add more sauce. Now with each bite you have a burning heat followed by a sweat coating maple and donuts along with the savory taste of bacon. If you wait to long before the next bite the burning in your throat and lips sink in so you must keep eating. Asking yourself "WHY". Roy made Austin a bar but after watching Roy and Beckie he is you sure he wants it but don't despair Janane jumps in to try the new concoction. Before her first Bite Beckie says "watch she will eat without any problems". With her first bite she begins to say "that's not so bad" and suddenly falls to the ground gasping for air. The heat hit her throat as if she had just been punched, laughter filled the room and we decided to shelve the idea of a reaper maple bacon. For now that is....

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