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With our One-Day Sale fundraising program, you can choose when and where your fundraiser will occur, and pick up fresh dozens on the day of your event. 

 Our One-Day Sale fundraising program is fun and fast!  Pick a day and location for your fundraiser, contact us at least 1 week in advance to go over your order, and simply pick them up on the day of your event.

We provide you a discounted rate on your dozen and recommend selling them for regular retail price. Discounted price ranges from $8 per dozen to $12 per dozen and will be determined at time of ordering. It is based on the amount of items being ordered and what donuts you are ordering. 

At each fundraising event you have an option to purchase gift cards for a 50% discount to sell at your event. Let us know when ordering for your fundraiser if you are interested in gift cards for your event. 

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