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Our Story

We stared as a Wholesale Bakery delivering our freshly made Donuts, Muffins and Scones to local convenience stores and coffee shops in the Eugene and Albany Area. 

Our owner / baker (Jay) started making donuts with his father in law in a small family business. Over the years he learned how to make each of the items we offer and it became a passion for him. After the family business closed he had the opportunity to start his own bakery in February 2018. It has been his dream to expand his business and open a retail setting where he can offer his pastries to a larger group of people. He enjoys what he does and wants to share his passion for baking with others. 

He opened the Albany location November 6, 2020. His wife (Beckie) and his oldest son (Austin) help him run the Albany store along with his wonderful employees. Jay works night shift to get your yummy pastries ready for the morning and is not seen much during the day but you can bet you will see Austin or Beckie around. His youngest son (Jai) loves his dads bakery, he talks about it to everyone and is always asking when he can come help out too so be on the lookout for him in the future. 

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